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Energy, Society
3/21/22 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Nuclear Power as an Asset to Strengthen Hungarian Autonomy
Máté Litkei, Director of the Institute for Climate Policy, shared his thoughts in an article for the Hungarian Conservative about the economic, social...
Energy, Environmental Protection, Society
2/18/22 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
Cooperation agreement signed between the University of Miskolc and the Climate Policy Institute
The University of Miskolc and the Climate Policy Institute signed an agreement on cooperation in the field in the field of climate change, related professional...
2/9/22 ○ Reading time: 5 minutes
Le nouveau règlement européen ne résoudra pas le problème du climat ni la crise énergétique
OPINION. L'énergie nucléaire réduit la dépendance de l'Europe au gaz russe et américain et accroît l'autonomie stratégique du continent. Nous devons investir...
Environmental Protection, Society
11/22/21 ○ Reading time: 5 minutes
Michael Shellenberger: Environmentalism is the new religion
The Hungarian translation of Michael Shellenberger's bestseller presented at the MCC.


Our broader studies and analyses.

Energy, Agriculture, Society, Green Economy
1/3/22 ○ Reading time: 4 minutes
COVID and the energy crisis teach us the need for independence
The pandemic situation is threatening the world and European economies with shortages of energy, raw materials and goods. Self-sufficiency and independence...
Energy, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Society, Green Economy
11/24/21 ○ Reading time: 10 minutes
No more, no less than expected - the Climate Policy Institute's assessment of the UN climate summit
The Climate Policy Institute, as a party-overflow, participated at the UN climate summit held in Glasgow. Below is an assessment of the conference and...
10/13/21 ○ Reading time: 9 minutes
Will the European energy price rise end in a coal renaissance?
The post-COVID economic boom has created energy shortages and a coal renaissance in Europe. Prices of natural gas, oil and coal are now rising sharply,...

Climate blog

Shorter publications, edutaining writings on green topics.

Energy, Agriculture, Green Economy
5/31/22 ○ Reading time: 6 minutes
The Russian-Ukrainian war is pushing the world towards a food crisis
So far, due to the coronavirus and the disruption of usual supply chains, the news has been mainly about shortages of energy, raw materials and products...


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