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10/19/21 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
The role of women in environmental protection - UN Conference
Máté Litkei, director of the Climate Policy Institute, spoke at the conference organized on the occasion of the UN's International Day for Rural Women.
Environmental Protection, Agriculture
10/11/21 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Cooperation between the Balaton Limnological Research Institute and the Climate Policy Institute
The Tihany-based Balaton Limnological Research Institute (BLKI), one of the country's oldest biological research institutes, is investigating, among other...
10/14/21 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
We exhibited and performed at the 28th Youth Media Festival
The Climate Policy Institute participated in this year's DUE – 28th Youth Media Festival, where we not only exhibited, but also gave a presentation and...
Environmental Protection, Green Economy
10/4/21 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
Lecture at the Hungarian Rail Conference 2021
2021 is the European Year of Railways, on this occasion Hungrail - Hungarian Railway Association organized a conference in Budapest on 30 September 2021.


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Energy, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Society, Green Economy
11/24/21 ○ Reading time: 10 minutes
No more, no less than expected - the Climate Policy Institute's assessment of the UN climate summit
The Climate Policy Institute, as a party-overflow, participated at the UN climate summit held in Glasgow. Below is an assessment of the conference and...
10/13/21 ○ Reading time: 9 minutes
Will the European energy price rise end in a coal renaissance?
The post-COVID economic boom has created energy shortages and a coal renaissance in Europe. Prices of natural gas, oil and coal are now rising sharply,...

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