10/18/22 ○ Reading time: 4 minutes
Sustainability exhibition and roundtable discussion at UN Headquarters in New York
A special exhibition was opened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, at the initiative of Hungary's UN Youth Delegate, with the cooperation...
Energy, Society
10/14/22 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
Food crisis and green transition at MCC Summit
An international, three-day conference was organized by MCC between the 29th of September and 1st of October, focusing on economic and energy crisis in...
Energy, Society, Green Economy
10/12/22 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Scientific publication in Cognitive Sustainability
Our colleagues Kinga Biró and Dr. Ottó Toldi's scientific publication "Hungarian agricultural pathways revealing climate-related challenges" on emission...
Environmental Protection, Society
9/30/22 ○ Reading time: 9 minutes
The Green Stage at the MCC Feszt was a great success
The MCC Feszt of 2022 has paid more attention to sustainability than ever before, therefore the Climate Policy Institute organized a professional conference...
Energy, Society, Green Economy
9/30/22 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Tusványos 31 - Energy policy in the shadow of war
The Climate Policy Institute organized a round table at the MCC tent of the Bálványos Free University and Student Camp, which was held in Tusnádfürdő for...