Energy, Environmental Protection, Society, Green Economy
5/13/24 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
China's Climate Strategy: past, present, & future
The famous curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ is sometimes wrongly assumed to be both ancient and of Chinese origin, whereas it in fact likely has...
4/30/24 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
China’s Agricultural Strategy: Past, Present, & Future
Agriculture in China dates back millennia, and the country gave humanity some of its most widely consumed crops. Millet, hemp, Chinese cabbage, water buffalo,...
9/21/23 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
Forecast of European Winter (2023/2024) - Natural Gas Market
This study is based on the analysis titled "Never Too Early to Prepare for Next Winter: Europe’s Gas Balance for 2023-2024" from the International Energy...
9/20/23 ○ Reading time: 2 minutes
Agro-climatic Analysis for Agricultural Adaptation in Hungary
Both globally and in Hungary, agriculture is one of the industries that is most vulnerable to weather and climate extremes.