Who are we?

The Climate Policy Institute was founded in 2020. In addition to its professional activities, the institute aims to promote nature-loving, nature-friendly practices and green conservatism. The institute currently has twelve staff members, including biologists, economists, environmental lawyers, agricultural engineers, energy and social scientists, environmental influencers and digital green marketing experts.


What do we do?

The Climate Policy Institute is a think-tank that carries out the following activities:

  • Education

Educating primary and secondary school pupils, university students, providing extra-curricular activities and activities within the public education system, green professional training, training courses and courses.

  • Knowledge dissemination

Organization of debates, social and traditional media events and conference presentations to promote scientific awareness and general information. 

  • Community building

Organization of events, programs and projects to promote social activism and civic participation related to environmental protection.

  • Consulting

Providing policy advice, professional monitoring and expert consultation to international organizations, government, public, market, municipal and civil society actors.

  • Analysis

Conducting qualitative and quantitative market and public opinion research, policy studies, scientific and public policy analysis.


What is our philosophy?

  • We reject extremes and exclusivism, seeking middle ground and consensus solutions.
  • We also look at global issues through Hungarian eyes. In environmental protection, local values are as important as international climate agreements, quotas and summits.
  • We put people at the center of environmental protection, not in the crosshairs. We see people not only as a problem but also as a solution.
  • We believe that green thinking and patriotic thinking are closely linked.
  • In environmental protection, the preservation of the rich culture of the countryside and the preservation of traditional ways of life are as important as research into the latest innovations and technological advances.
  • We focus on action and solutions, rather than scaremongering and climate change anxiety.
  • At our Institute, environmental protection is not just about research - everyone on our team is personally and actively involved in serving the purposes of environmental protection.   
  • We produce broader policy papers and participate in strategic decision making, but we also work on more practical issues that affect people's everyday lives and bring the issue of climate change closer to citizens.