Energy, Agriculture
3/14/24 ○ Reading time: 6 minutes
From the Green Revolution to the tractor blockade
According to UN estimates, it will be impossible to sustainably supply healthy food, clean drinking water and energy at the current technical and technological...
1/29/24 ○ Reading time: 9 minutes
How will global carbon dioxide emissions be reduced so that coal consumption in power plants continues to increase?
The utilization of coal for energy production and industrial utilization has been at the center of debates related to climate protection and energy transition...
12/22/23 ○ Reading time: 14 minutes
How can we be climate neutral by 2050?
Whatever the opposition and green NGOs say, the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), revised in 2023, is the right road map on the way to climate neutrality.
10/5/23 ○ Reading time: 7 minutes
Forecasting of Hungary's natural gas consumption in the winter of 2023-2024
Based on our results, even a cold winter experienced in the 2016-2017 heating season could not endanger our country's natural gas supply. In order to guarantee...