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8/9/23 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Innovation for Circular Economy - Podcast
In recent years, the urgency to address climate change has become increasingly clear, with devastating impacts seen all over the world.
5/19/23 ○ Reading time: 4 minutes
Asia dominates the battery market
In recent years, greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union have been steadily decreasing. However, the transport sector did not follow this trend...
4/21/23 ○ Reading time: 5 minutes
The Nazi Propaganda of Going Green
Just when you think you’ve seen everything, Politico comes along and – in the year 2023 – compares the current German government coalition of social democrats,...
1/19/23 ○ Reading time: 7 minutes
Synthetic fuels: Can they save the internal combustion engine?
There may still be hope for the survival of the internal combustion engine – but only if they are to run on either hydrogen or synthetic fuels. Together...
12/6/22 ○ Reading time: 7 minutes
Radicals Paint New Landscape of Green Activism
In their quest for public attention, radical green activists are resorting to crossing the moral red line—which may have profound consequences. It is an...