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6/13/24 ○ Reading time: 3 minutes
Weakening Green Parties in Europe: Farewell to the Green Deal?
The European Parliamentary election has concluded, resulting in the collapse of the French and Belgian governments and leaving the German "traffic light"...
Environmental Protection, Society
4/11/24 ○ Reading time: 5 minutes
Balancing Deep Green Dreams with Practical Realities
Deep ecology, or deep green ideology, is one of the most debated and contentious areas in environmental thinking, sparking serious discussions. This ideology...
Environmental Protection
3/21/24 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Diplomaci Podcast
In the first part of the new episode of the DiploMaci Podcast, dr. Calum Nicholson, the Director of MCC's Climate Policy Institute, discussed the relation...
Environmental Protection, Green Economy
3/12/24 ○ Reading time: 1 minute
Stephen Koonin: humanity is responsible for at least 50% of warming
Steven E. Koonin was the guest of Green Light, the podcast series of Climate Policy Institute.
Energy, Green Economy
1/16/24 ○ Reading time: 3 minutes
It won’t work without Qatar
I have already written extensively about how the Russia-Ukraine war has significantly altered gas transit routes. After the outbreak of the war, the European...