How Can Development Strategies Foster Agri-digitalisation in the Era of Climate Change? A Common Agriculture Policy based Consistency Analysis in Hungary.

Our colleague, Kinga Biró and her co-author Mária Szalmáné Dr. habil. Csete Csete have published a scientific paper on development strategies to support agricultural digitisation in Periodica Polytechnica.

In recent years, several forward-looking initiatives have been taken in the direction of digital and sustainability transitions. Digitalisation is also gaining importance in EU, national agricultural and rural development policies, as it can enhance all three dimensions of sustainability and can lead to more efficient agricultural production and development. In this study, we conducted a consistency analysis to identify the interdependencies, impacts, and possible contradictions between the strategic objectives. The analysis compares the EU Common Agricultural Policy objectives with the Second Climate Change Strategy of Hungary (NCCS-2), the National Framework Strategy on Sustainable Development (NFSSD), the National Digital Agricultural Strategy (NDAS), and the National Rural Strategy (NRS) and explores the policy linkages between digital and sustainability transitions.

The strategy documents are examined hierarchically between the EU and national levels, with a particular focus on the sector’s important role in climate change mitigation and adaptation-related processes. The results can support the emergence of innovative solutions and activities in rural areas and can contribute to improving the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, thereby supporting both the decision-making process and the achievement of rural sustainability ambitions.