An international, three-day conference was organized by MCC between the 29th of September and 1st of October, focusing on economic and energy crisis in Europe and the war.

Climate Policy Institute partook in MCC summit as a participant as well as an organizer.

The panel discussion regarding the state of food supply chains rose a sparkling debate, moderated by Máté Litkei, Director of the Climate Policy Institute on Friday, the second day of the Summit. The participants suggested, that even though the world produces sufficient food to its growing population, availability of quality nutrition is shrinking. Besides the war, the situation is also burdened by the fact that pre-COVID supply chains are yet to be restored, the energy crisis multiplied the price of fertilizers, and China imposed an export restriction on fertilizers.

Besides Máté Litkei, Amanda Martinez, Policy Analyst of the United Nations; Dr. David Laborde Debucquet, Senior Research Fellow of International Food Policy Research Institute; Dr. David Mezei, head of agricultural and EU network at Takarékbank Zrt; and Tamas Tarpataki, Deputy Secretary of State for agromarkets at the Ministry of Agriculture also took part in the discussion.

On Saturday, the third day of the conference the guests of Climate Policy Institute discussed the topic of European green transition and the probability of achieving climate goals set by the continent.

The panel moderated my Gergely Kitta, Head of Strategy and Communication at Climate Policy Institute also resulted in a debate. Some said that the future is renewable, for others, renewables are not quite ready to replace fossil fuels yet, thus, green transition is not attainable without nuclear energy in a safe way.

Participants agreed however, that the war and the economic crisis are causing a rupture in green transition, but hopefully the endeavour to reach environmental sustainability goals will continue in the long run.

Participants of the discussion were: Dr. Gavin D. J. Harper, researcher of Faraday Institute and the University of Birmingham; Emmet Penney, editor in chief of Grid Brief; Shaun Riordan, Director of the Department of Diplomacy and Cyber Diplomacy at EIIS;  Stefan Sipka, policy analyst of European Policy Centre; and Máté Litkei, Director of the Climate Policy Institute.